Waveny Launches Certified Nursing & Home Health Aid School

Waveny LifeCare Network is excited to announce the launching of its Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and Home Health Aide (HHA) School at 3 Farm Road in New Canaan, Connecticut the week of February 7, 2022.  The goal of this new initiative is to recruit and train the next generation of nursing professionals.

The pandemic has shown the strength and great resiliency of the nursing profession as they continue to exhibit superior healing and compassionate care.  They are the unsung and too often unrecognized heroes in our local community.

Regrettably, the pandemic has also highlighted the indisputable fact that there are not enough nurses or nursing aides to meet the increasing demands of our local communities.  As their greatest generation ages out of these key roles, Waveny LifeCare Network has taken the first step forward to help fill that vacuum for healthcare providers.

The 2020 Workforce Strategic Plan published by the CT Governor’s Workforce Council identified Healthcare as the largest workforce sector in the State of Connecticut, employing 16% of the state’s workforce or 270,000 jobs.  Furthermore, the 2020 plan recognized the need to address the nursing shortage which has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Waveny School has been developed to prepare qualifying candidates for careers in this high demand and well-paying healthcare industry.

“Our healthcare system is always seeking out public-private partnerships that address critical needs.  This program brings together three highly respected organizations in Fairfield County – Waveny LifeCare Network, Inc.; Career Resources, Inc.; and, Open Doors – to deliver an innovative, employer-driven program designed to build career pathways in this new technologically advanced healthcare industry,” said Russell Barksdale, President and CEO of Waveny LifeCare Network.

“Nursing is such a noble profession and our healthcare systems’ next generation of professionals will be well-trained, mentored on the job, and ready to provide high quality and compassionate care.  In order to remove the many barriers that often exist for first-time students, the program is fully subsidized and provides full-time employment opportunities for all accepted participants,” he said.

“Hundreds of families each year rely on our healthcare staff to provide specialized medical care to their loved ones,” said Rebecca Albrecht, Chief Human Resources Officer of Waveny LifeCare Network. “We’re taking action now to build a future and stable workforce of talented individuals to make sure these patients and residents receive the quality care they deserve.”

Upon acceptance into the school, participants will immediately begin earning a salary plus benefits. While Waveny LifeCare Network is fully committed to fund salaries and benefits related to this new initiative, the organization is seeking ARPA and related grants, along with support from generous private donors, to help offset costs.

“Every member of our care team plays an essential role,” said Mr. Barksdale. “We believe that the investments we are making today through this initiative will help remove barriers to training and education for all those who are attracted to this special career path that lies at the heart of quality health care services. We are grateful for the ongoing, collaborative work and public-private partnerships to address the extraordinary workforce challenges in the nursing profession.”

For more information on the CNA/HHA school at Waveny and to discuss enrollment opportunities, please contact Rebecca Albrecht at ralbrecht@waveny.org  or visit www.waveny.org.