Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation Program 

Therapeutic Recreation is a process that utilizes treatment, education, and recreational participation to help people with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions.

Our Therapeutic Recreation team provides a variety of activities and opportunities to assist our residents in maintaining or improving their quality of life and physical, cognitive, social, and emotional function. This can be achieved through such modalities as arts and crafts, wellness programs, games, music therapy, religious programs and leisure education. Waveny’s engaging programs are developed and overseen by our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. TR also helps an individual continue to participate in activities of interest through the use of adaptive equipment.

Therapeutic Recreation Benefits Include:

  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Improved fine and gross motors skills
  • Increased mobility
  • Decreased levels of stress, agitation and anxiety
  • Enhanced stimulation of the senses
  • Increased socialization
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Reduction in depression and feelings of boredom
  • Opportunity for creative expression
  • Improved sense of self-worth and accomplishment
  • Greater longevity and physical health

Residents who participate in therapeutic recreation activities report feelings of increased health and decreased levels of stress. Whether it’s in large group activities or one-on-one interventions such as our music therapy programs with our Board Certified music therapist, Therapeutic Recreation is an essential part of our residents’ lives here at Waveny.

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