Caregiver Respite Program Beneficiary of Wilton Women’s Club’s 2024 Fundraiser

The Caregiver Respite Program, administered through Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County, a member of the Waveny LifeCare Network, was named Wilton Women’s Club’s 2024 fundraising beneficiary. Proceeds from the club’s Annual Spring Fashion Show and Fundraiser on April 25th totaled $24,600 and a check was presented to Mary Ross, Administrator and Chief Clinical Officer and other staff members on June 11th.

“On behalf of everyone here at Waveny-Visiting Nurse & Hospice, I am honored to accept this generous donation to fund our Caregiver Respite program, which will provide much-needed relief for the caregivers in our community,” said Mary Ross, Administrator and Chief Clinical Officer. “So many individuals in Wilton and the surrounding towns have little reprieve from being the primary caregiver of a family member with a chronic illness or disability. The Caregiver Respite program will allow us to send an aide into the home so the caregiver can attend to their own health, grocery shop or simply rest from the stress of providing fulltime care. I can promise that your support, and the respite it brings, means the world to these individuals and their families.”

The Caregiver Respite Program has been thoughtfully designed to meet the critical and growing need to support individuals caring for a loved one with a chronic illness or disability. Those in this situation are often sole providers of care and comfort in the home, with little respite or relief from the burdens it carries. This special program allows us to provide much needed respite in the form of a homecare aide, coming to the home and allowing the family member a reprieve or break from the daily and often overwhelming care of their loved one. Even an hour allows the caregiver to shower or walk the dog, grocery shop or meet a friend for coffee, returning to their loved one refreshed. An additional hour or two allows caregivers to book their own medical appointments, which are vital to their ability to continue caring for their loved one. For more information about the program, contact Mary Ross at 203-762-8958.