A Message from Russell Barksdale, PhD., MPA/MHA, FACHE, President & CEO

This year, Waveny LifeCare Network celebrates  50 years in our local community,  marking an impressive five decades of unwavering dedication to healthcare excellence and service. From its modest beginnings, driven by the vision of local residents with our town’s support, to its present stature as a comprehensive 5-Star healthcare network, Waveny’s journey mirrors a steadfast commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its community.

The organization’s growth and evolution over time—from its founding as the Waveny Care Center to the expansion into diverse services such as assisted living, memory care, home and hospice care, independent living and active adult, telemedicine, the Navigator and educational programs like the Kathleen M. Fruin Nursing School—underscores its adaptability and responsiveness to our community’s needs and the shifting healthcare landscape.

With nearly 600 employees and 400 volunteers actively engaged in its mission, Waveny LifeCare Network exemplifies a collaborative spirit and collective dedication. Their professional and compassionate efforts touch the lives of approximately 1,000 patients, residents, and clients daily, making a profound impact on individuals and families in your community and beyond.

As Waveny prepares to mark this significant milestone, it presents an opportunity not only to reflect on past achievements but also to eagerly embrace and support the future. Our award-winning dedication to innovation, quality care, and community engagement is unyielding and ensures that Waveny will remain pivotal in addressing the healthcare needs of the community for years ahead. Yet, achieving this vision necessitates your engagement, mirroring the dedication of our founders, to realize a future that serves your generation and those to come.

To all who have contributed to Waveny’s success over the past five decades—whether as staff, volunteers, donors, or beneficiaries—congratulations on this remarkable milestone. Your combined commitment has touched lives and illustrates the transformative influence of locally-driven, community-centric healthcare.